It's time for a new competition that will get you all designing and printing! Just create a Game or Toy that is printable on a desktop 3D printer, upload your .STL files alongside photographs of the printed model and you are in the running to win some huge cash prizes! If you don't own your a 3D printer, you can search for makers in your area using MMF Connect. This is a GLOBAL competition and you can take place no matter where you are based. The most popular objects at the end of the voting period will walk away with great cash prizes. Check out the video below for more information.


Check out this blog post for design tips for 3D printing. There are no specific restrictions, we only ask that you submit both file(s) and photo(s) of your printed object(s). You can easily find people who own printers in your area on MMF connect. Just enter your location, select all or individual makers and drop them a line using the "contact selected" button.


There are no restrictions for the printing itself, as long as you use a desktop 3D printer. Do you want to take it a step further? Make your objects stand out by using excellent post-processing techniques. Check out the links below and find similar videos on our youtube channel and other tips & tricks on our blog. Tips for taking good photos can be found here.


Submit your design files and photos of your printed and assembled objects using the green "submit your design" button at the bottom of the page.

• You can submit as many entries as you like - as long as it is your own, original work.

• If your design is in multiple parts, please make sure you submit all parts (as STLS) with assembly instructions or diagrams of how they fit together.

• If you have any special instructions for your design, please indicate these in the description box.
• Please note - this is a desktop 3D print competition. Entries printed on industrial 3D printers will not be accepted. 

• Please upload high quality photos - this is your chance to show how amazing your objects are! If you want further advice on this, please email


• Voting (measured by downloads) will run for 1 week starting on October 5th.

• Designs will go online as they are received, but downloads will only count as votes between the 5th and 12th October. 
• Please note: multiple downloads by the same user do not count!

• All entries that meet the requirements will be hosted on 
• All 
STL files will be made available to the public to download for free.

• All participants will receive a $50 voucher code for the  iMakr store.

    *Following conditions apply:
       • they are only applicable as a discount on 3D printers

       • they can be accumulated to up to $100 per purchase 
       • they are fully transferrable to your friends/families/institutions
       • Expiry date: December 31st 2015. 

The top 3 designs will receive the following prizes: 1st -$1500, 2nd - $400, 3rd - $100

What is MMF Connect?

MMF Connect is a new way to link designers with makers. As a designer, you can connect to makers near you, and have access to hundreds of 3D printer owners willing to print your designs and send them to you. As a maker, you will be able to link with designers living near to you and earn money by 3D printing for them.
I am a maker but I don’t have particularly good 3D design skills. Can I still participate?

Sure! Go to MMF Connect and find a designer who will create your design for you! You could enter the competition as a team and share the prize money.
Do we have to 3D print using FDM/FFF as a technique?

No, you can use any desktop 3D printer.