Dobby’s head on the Statue of Liberty? Obama, Putin & Surprised Patrick as "The Three Graces"? King George IV Equestrian Sculpture with Charizard's head and dragon wings?

We are calling on you to create extraordinary mixes of models from the MyMiniFactory website using MeshMixer. This competition is great for designers and non-designers alike as anyone can download and use MeshMixer - without any design skills required! So what is MeshMixer? It is a free software from Autodesk that allows you to create, edit and mix 3D models in a simple and intuitive manner. We want you to use this  software alongside the MiMiniFactory library to unleash your imagination!

The design with the most downloads at the end of the voting period will win the grand prize of a brand new EinStart-S 3D printer from Shining 3D - a fantastic FDM Desktop 3D printer for all your home 3D printing needs!

So, what are you waiting for? Get downloading and MeshMixing now!

Check out this blog post for
design tips for 3D printing and other useful information on our tutorials page.
For this competition, you MUST use MeshMixer and models from the MyMiniFactory website.
Never used MeshMixer before? Start but watching these tutorials or check out their full tutorial section here.

We specifically encourage you to MeshMixUp the antique with the modern - but the sky is the limit! Our users will be looking for crazy and fascinating models that exist only in your imagination (for now). There is no limitation to how many models you can use for your MeshMixUp. These links of categories and popular items will help you to get started:

Buddha Statue
Surprised Patrick
Michelangelo's David
Storm trooper

Scan the world
Masks and costumes
Games & Toys

Your MeshMixUp model will be accepted as long as it is fully 3D printable and fits within our guidelines (see below). Good luck!

• This is a global competition and you can enter regardless of your location.
You MUST credit the designs and the designers that you have taken for your MeshMixUp. Please include the links in the model description box.
Submit your design using the green "upload" button at the bottom of this page.
You can submit as many entries as you like.
If your design is in multiple parts, please make sure you submit all parts (as STLS) with instructions or diagrams of how they fit together.
Each part of your design must fit within a build volume of 18 x 18 x 18 cm. 
If you have any special instructions for your design, please let us know in the description box.

Voting (measured by downloads) will run for 1 week starting on July 22nd.
The winner will receive a brand-new Einstart-S 3D printer!
All entries will be test printed by the MyMiniFactory team on FDM 3D printers.
All successful entries will be photographed and hosted on
All STL files will be made available to the public to download for free.