Jell-E Medusa: Full set Bundle

Published 2019-03-08T10:17:24+00:00

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    $12.99 Jell-E Medusa: Full set Bundle

    Published 2019-03-08T10:17:24+00:00

    Fernando Jerez


    86 objects

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    Détail de l'impression
    Technical Information
    Date de publication 08/03/2019
    Price $12.99
    Technologie FDM
    Sans support YES
    Object Parts
    Tentacle Long Male.stl
    Tentacle Longer Female.stl
    Tentacle Longer Male.stl
    Tentacle Pin.stl
    Tentacle Short Female.stl
    Tentacle Short Male.stl
    Dominator Axis.stl
    Dominator Cover.stl
    Dominator Engine Bottom.stl
    Dominator Engine Top.stl
    Dominator Shoulder Core.stl
    Dominator Shoulder Cover.stl
    Dominator Thruster.stl
    Dominator Top Cap V2.Stl
    Dominator Top Cap.stl
    Engineer Body Axis.stl
    Engineer Cover Bottom.stl
    Engineer Cover Up.stl
    Engineer Engine Bottom.stl
    Engineer Engine Up.stl
    Engineer Mini Jellyfish.stl
    Engineer Thruster V2.Stl
    Engineer Thruster.stl
    Engineer Top Cap V2.Stl
    Engineer Top Cap.stl
    Explorer Axis.stl
    Explorer Cover.stl
    Explorer Engine Bottom.stl
    Explorer Engine Up.stl
    Explorer Thruster.stl
    Explorer Top Cap V2.Stl
    Explorer Top Cap.stl
    Props Bulb Base.stl
    Props Bulb Bulb.stl
    Props Driller Base.stl
    Props Driller Drill.stl
    Props Orb Base.stl
    Props Orb Orb.stl
    Props Spike.stl
    Props Tentacle Mod1.Stl
    Props Tentacle Mod2.Stl
    Scout Axis.stl
    Scout Cover.stl
    Scout Engine Bottom.stl
    Scout Engine Up V2 Damper.stl
    Scout Engine Up V2.Stl
    Scout Engine Up.stl
    Scout Thruster.stl
    Scout Top Cap V2.Stl
    Scout Top Cap.stl
    Tentacle Lock Female.stl
    Tentacle Lock Male.stl
    Tentacle Long Female.stl